Julie Bowdidge

Julie Bowdidge


Julie Bowdidge has over 27 years experience in Education and Children Services, much of this in senior leadership roles, covering areas such as Leadership and Management, Strategic CPD & ICT, Support Services, Business Planning and Traded Services. This has included working with Headteachers and school leadership teams, unions and professional associations and external organisations such as the National College and local universities.

Julie can offer the following:

Julie has a particular strength in developing teams and working parties and "getting the job done". Practical and sensitive to school needs and context, she is an honest and hardworking professional.

Julie also has substantial experience in school governance. She has had roles as governor, vice chair and chair over a 15 year period.

Julie also works as an associate for the Co-operative College.

"I have always enjoyed working with you respected and trusted you. On every occasion I have worked with you you have been a pleasure to work with."
A Primary Headteacher

"Julie has worked alongside headteachers for over 20 years. Her relationship with headteachers has been as an equal in terms of knowledge, ability to take action, reliability and respect."
Secondary Headteacher

"I know that my staff and my colleague Headteachers from all phases of schools share with me the greatest respect for you, appreciating your complete professionalism, thoroughness, warm caring personality, approachability, honesty and integrity in all your dealings with us. Your contribution to education in Kirklees is immense."
A Middle School Headteacher

"Julie is one of the best communicators I've ever worked with - a great listener, with the ability to get right to the heart of the matter. She also cared deeply and inspired others to act and get the job done. Her work-rate is phenomenal as is her infectious enthusiasm."
A Senior Local Authority Officer

"You have helped us all to grow into our role on the working party, led us in the right direction and kept our spirits up in challenging times."
Educational consultants