Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Booking and Contracting – our terms and conditions

Bowdidge & Butler LLP trading as Collaboratives.co.uk
Partnership number OC366275.

Our rates are based on £500 (as of September 2018) per day per consultant. We can negotiate depending on the number of days purchased.

Following our initial discussion with you regarding your requirements, should you require a contract this will be sent to you within 5 working days for you to sign and return to us within 10 working days. All working arrangements will be confirmed by email.

By proceeding with a booking you are agreeing to the following arrangements:



All cancellations made by you must be made in writing or email (this is so both parties have a copy of the cancellation) and contain the full details including organisation name, and contact details. Your cancellation will be confirmed by us along with an invoice if any fees are due.

The following charges will apply if you wish to cancel your booking:

Should the cancellation be made by Collaboratives.co.uk due to unforeseen circumstances (eg illness) we will endeavour to provide an alternative consultant or if you would prefer arrange another date at a mutually convenient time. If these options are not suitable any fees already paid will be refunded within 21 working days.