Supporting Associate/Support Staff

Yorkshire Anglican Teaching School Alliance (YATSA) has been a strategic partner of YATSA since 2014 delivering their core CDP offer.

The Teaching School Alliance has had a particular focus on supporting associate/support staff with a variety of CPD offers. Ranging from courses for those that work in the classroom or with pupils and students, to SBMs, lunchtime staff and those that work with parents and carers. These can be delivered as in-school sessions or across a group of schools. See the YATSA website.


School Business Managers’ Conference

A key area that we have supported has been their well-attended and much valued conference for School Business Managers.

IOur role included:

YATSA project lead states ‘Having Collaboratives involved has been a key reason as the why the conferences have been such a success. They understand the role of SBMs and aim to make every session relevant to the audience. Their contacts are crucial in getting the right people involved’..


Collaboratives was engaged by a Junior School to work with associate staff as well as recently qualified teachers to develop a consistent pedagogical approach to teaching and learning.

Working with a group of 25 staff over 3 sessions, we called the sessions ‘Deepening Learning’.

Session 1 lasted 3 hours and was entitled ‘Everyone a Leader’

This enabled support staff to;

Session 2 lasted 2 hours and focussed on ‘Professionalising the TA role’

This session covered areas such as;

Session 3 lasted for 2 hours and included NQTs, Recently Qualified Teachers, TAs and was called ‘Deepening Thinking’:

This workshop enabled staff to

It included:

This was a very practical workshop that offered tools and tips for supporting staff in their work in school and widened their repertoire of games and activities to promote thinking skills

CASE STUDY: Appraisal For Support Staff

Collaboratives have a lot of experience in supporting schools to devise, implement and monitor effective appraisal systems for all staff, including support staff.

We recognise the value in offering professional development to all staff, not just teachers. Including support staff in performance management strategy confirms their value as crucial school resource, supports consistency and professionalism and promotes the personal development.

In one example, Collaboratives met with 15 Primary school support staff on three occasions to look at the following:

IMPACTS: all staff had a clearly identified set of expectations regarding their upcoming appraisal cycle. Appraisers recognised the key skills and attributes required to conduct effective appraisal sessions with colleagues. Appraisees were fully informed about the preparations needed by them if they were to get the best out of their performance management sessions. Timescales, structures and systems were shared and support staff were able to ask questions and raise concerns regarding the implementation of the process.

This led to staff feeling confident, informed and valued and prepared to implement a cycle of appraisal that had impact.

CASE STUDY: Recommendations of the EEF Report: Making the Best Use of Teaching Assistants

Collaboratives worked with the entire support staff (20 TAs) of a large primary school to update and refresh staff on their professional duties, particularly in the light of the Education Endowment Foundation’s report ‘Making the Best Use of Teaching Assistants’.

3 x 3 ¼ hour sessions, covering the following;

Gap Tasks to be included.

In addition we led 2 staff meetings for all teaching staff to ensure consistency of approach across the school. 2 x 1 ½ hour information sessions.

This information session included:

IMPACTS: Better team working, articulation of shared vision and purpose for TAs, clarification of the relationship between adults in the classroom, the collective drawing up of a professional code of conduct implemented for all staff, a developing focus on the role TAs have in raising standards in teaching and learning.

What people say about us

"Interesting day. Workshops just right length of time and covering pertinent areas. Enjoyed everything. "

"Really enjoyed the practical training. It was fun and seemed to get everyone involved regardless of their department and it was great fun."

"The course was really interesting and I thought it was a fantastic opportunity to bring all the support staff together."

"I found it interesting from the first session. It really opened my eyes to reflect on my own role in school. How I can improve etc …"