Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Collaboratives has a wealth of knowledge and experience over many years of working with schools to develop students as leaders. The focus of our work has always been to enable student leaders to have impact and to support their school in its school improvement priorities.

We can work with both Primary and Secondary colleagues, helping school staff to develop their own student leadership programme and curriculum. We can work with individual schools, across MATs or pyramids of schools, or with student leaders as well as staff.

We are able to help schools to review their own practice and to help them shape their student leadership aspirations by providing self-audit tools, action planning, vision setting and evaluation processes. We can offer staff twilight training sessions, INSET days, staff meetings and conference planning for staff and/or students and student workshops.

CASE STUDY: Student Leadership & Raising Standards, a Conference for Heads and Senior Leaders

20 School leaders from several local secondary, middle and primary schools attended a half day conference that covered the following areas:

1. Introduction, and the big picture/ context

2. Why develop students as leaders?

3. Not tweaking around the edges

4. The way forward

Case Study: Elite Leaders @ Secondary School

Cohort of 10 potentially able young leaders from KS4 who are identified by staff as having the right skills and dispositions to lead specific student led projects in the school for the benefit of other students and /or local community.


Session 1: WHY ME?                          1 1/2 hours

Session 2: THE IMPORTANCE OF GRIT                          2 hours

Session 3: MY INFLUENCE                          2 hours

Session 4: OUR PROJECT (S)                          2 hours

Session 5: Pitching my plan to the Senior Leadership Team                          1 hour

Project delivery

It is very important that the students are subsequently allowed to conduct their project plans and see them through to completion. The success of each student will not be measured in whether they achieve their project aim, but rather the leadership skills and attitudes they display whilst doing it.

A member of school staff may need to monitor the progress of each project team on a weekly basis.

Helen Butler can support this delivery phase if required.

Celebration of success         1 hour

Each project team presents to the SLT/ Governors about what they did, why they did it and what difference they made- for others and for themselves.

Case Study: Primary Leadership

It’s never too early to start developing children as the leaders of tomorrow. Here are some practical, engaging and fun workshops aimed at Primary aged children to help your school develop effective leadership skills.

We could gather children of similar ages together- eg Key Stage 2 children from different schools OR we could come to YOUR school and work with all your School Council together

How to do things fairly

This workshop is aimed at School Council members who have to meet, make decisions and take votes. It will help your School Council work together in a fairer and more thoughtful way.

Running a great school council meeting

This workshop is aimed at School Council members and the staff who support them. It will help every School Council member to understand how to run meetings in which everyone can participate fully and have their say.

Getting results

This workshop is aimed at helping young children think about what they might want to do as a School Council, and how they can work together in a team to achieve success.