Leadership For All

Programme Case Studies


A whole school approach to helping everyone be a confident leader in their own area of responsibility through training in a workshop and interactive style.


We worked recently with all the staff of a large primary school during one of their INSET days. Support and teaching staff worked alongside each other to identify what they thought leaders should be doing; to review and recognise leadership qualities within themselves; to practise leading in a variety of fun and engaging ways; to reflect on the importance of taking the lead and to commit to taking action to build on the training back in the school day.

IMPACTS: There was a re-invigorated sense of collective purpose, joint endeavours were planned, all staff felt accomplished and valued, and staff who rarely got out of their classrooms got to know other colleagues better. There was a really positive buzz as a growing sense of professionalism and pride emerged. Colleagues in differing roles realised better ways to support each other and share their strengths in a school that wanted to continue its improvement journey.

Follow up sessions for aspirant leaders over four twilight sessions drilled down into leadership styles, leading projects, leading improvement and leading people, together with a 36o degree review, personal coaching and an improvement task presentation.



We can work with all colleagues in your school to identify collective values and articulate a vision that inspires and unifies everyone. We commit to coming away from this session with a workable draft statement that is the basis for future policy, strategy and procedural review.


In a local high school we worked with the Governing body and recently appointed Head Teacher, to revisit and then build on the school’s existing vision. We began by identifying the current priorities and collective values that influence our personal and professional decision making at all levels. We then reviewed our anticipated impacts and revised the vision statement. The leadership team together worked to produce a new vision statement that was acceptable to all.

IIMPACTS: The vision document produced was owned by all members of the school’s governing body and Senior Leadership Team. Everyone felt heard and that their views had been listened to. There was a renewed motivation to tackle the challenges ahead and to share the new vision to refocus professional improvement.



A varied programme with a mix of twilight and day sessions that supported the development of Middle Leaders (such as department leads, key stage leaders and UPS 3 staff) to grow their own strengths and skills in order to increase their effectiveness as school leaders.

We can work with groups from single or several schools to offer challenge and support through interactive training sessions that cover material designed to promote leadership attitudes, attributes and skills.

Sessions include:

In addition, when the programme is complete, we offer feedback to SLT.


In a large special school we worked with a group of 14 Middle Leaders to help them grow their skills and confidence as leaders. We worked with them over 6 sessions, building on knowledge and skills each week. We introduced gap tasks and personal reflection to support embedding the learning from each session.

Middle leaders then undertook a half term school improvement task, using some of the tools and leadership skills taught on the course. A 360 Degree questionnaire was sent out using Survey Monkey and sent through to us to summarise and share with delegates at the coaching session.

We met with the Senior Leadership after the course was completed to feedback on common themes that arose from the coaching and from discussions during the training.

IMPACTS: The Middle Leaders felt valued and appreciated because of the investment that the school was making in their development. They felt better equipped as individuals and as a team to tackle leadership responsibilities. The SLT could see an increase in professionalism and believed that common barriers and issues were collectively being identified and resolved by Middle Leaders.

The confidence and resilience of Middle Leaders in decision making and proactively seeking solutions was also noticed.

What people say about us

"Inspiring and enlightening about myself. I didn't think I wanted to be a leader!"

"interesting, thought provoking discussions in all areas covered. Great to get the chance to discuss matters concerning school with colleagues you wouldn't normally get the chance to be with. Very knowledgeable course leaders - made you think by using innovative tasks."

"They listened to what we had to say and adapted it to our group. It created stimulating conversations/debates. They used research and own experiences when discussing things with us."